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A quartz travel companion, but is it worth the price tag? The Timex Three GMT.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Over the last couple of years Timex has truly stepped their game up in terms of watch design and quality of their timepieces. The re-issue of the Marlin mechanical was completely out of left field and has done extremely well in terms of penetrating the market and creating a slight rebirth or resurrection for Timex. However, the one watch that wasn't really talked about that was released around the same time as the Marlin is the Timex Three GMT. A quartz powered travelers companion that has a decent yet questionable price tag and has a slight aesthetic similarity to a certain high end GMT watch. Let's not waste time and dive in. This is the review of the Timex Three GMT.

I know the article headline may be a bit rattling due to the fact that Timex is always on the affordable and budget friendly side of the spectrum in terms of watch collecting, but we're just not sure it's price tag vs. the overall watch is a good way to spend your money. From an aesthetics perspective alone the first thing that caught my eye was the black/blue or "Batman" colour scheme for the bezel insert. This brought to mind a certain high end or luxury GMT timepiece which lead me to believe those colours were picked for the Timex for the specific purpose to catch the eyes of collectors and consumers. A dose of familiarity or nostalgia in a sense. The Three GMT has a very rugged and robust aesthetic that screams "let's go explore!", but in wearing it the watch actually felt slightly fragile and not as hefty or aggressive as its look gives off from afar, especially with the watch on a leather strap instead of a stainless steel bracelet. This watch is available with a bracelet, but that wasn't available for purchase at the time and these watches have been discontinued so they may be hard to find.

The Three GMT is a quartz travelers companion with a 43mm stainless steel case with a thickness of 13mm. A 43mm case is rather large in comparison to the average case sizes of other timepieces (39mm-41mm), but the short and curved lugs make it wear and feel much smaller than its 43mm spec would imply. The 13mm case thickness does seem a bit big due to the fact that the watch contains a battery powered quartz movement, but on wrist it sits well and doesn't feel bulky or awkward. With a 22mm lug width, this piece needs quite a wide strap and the leather one which came stock is quite tough and takes a while to break in, but on the right nato, zulu or on a bracelet, its a very comfortable piece. On the right side of the case you have a pusher at 2 o'clock to set the time zone placement of the bright orange GMT hand and your standard crown at 3 o'clock which sets the date in the first pull out position, sets time in the second position and acts as the backlight button for the dial when the crown is fully pushed in.

My biggest issue with this watch is the dial. The Three GMT has so much going on it is slightly overwhelming and for anyone just getting into watches or buying their first GMT this can be a problem. On the bezel insert we have a 24 hour indicator, on the inner chapter ring is yet another 24 hour indicator, and on the dial is both a standard 12 hour which can also be used as a 24 hour indicator as well. I completely understand the premise of three time zones on the watch (and technically a fourth one an be implemented, but in all honesty, when are you going to need to know the time in 4 different places? The answer is you won't. My personal opinion is the watch is far too busy and could have gone with a basic 12 hour dial with the 24 hour inner chapter ring and the 24 hour outer bezel just to clean it up and make it look less cluttered and untidy.

My second issue with this piece is the price tag vs. how much watch you actually get. The retail price for this piece is $259 on the leather strap or $279 on the stainless steel bracelet. Obviously due to the fact that Timex is no longer producing the Three GMT it's only available pre-owned or from stores that actually still have stock, therefore I'm basing this off of retail price only for comparison with other watches. While that price for a GMT is good, there are many other options in my opinion that work just as well if not better, offer high quality stainless steel bracelets right off the bat and are mechanical automatic or manual winding movements for less money. For example, the Parnis GMT is available with a stainless steel bracelet, automatic movement and has an incredible on wrist feel with a luxurious heft and an amazing aesthetic for a whopping $120. The price for the Timex just doesn't make sense for how much watch you actually get.

The Timex Three GMT has the potential to be a fantastic bang for your buck watch, but it is very clear as to why it was overshadowed by the Marlin and other releases. There are many other options for a GMT that are even more budget friendly or for the same money in the world of watches that have so much more to offer. In my personal opinion I would look into other options before spending your hard earned money. Thank you so much for reading my review of the Timex Three GMT.

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