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A rare Patek Phillippe and the Children Action Foundation.

This year in watches has been fantastic in terms of new product releases and the return of the watch trade show with Watches & Wonders. Yes, many brands did show up and show off their latest toys, but brands are constantly developing and creating new products. Patek Philippe did attend Watches & Wonders but decided to wait and drop a complete bombshell on the watch industry. On May 4th, Patek Philippe decided to unveil a watch that Hodinkee’s Ben Clymer ironically predicted during Talking Watches with Ed Sheeran.

The watch I’m talking about is the Patek Philippe Ref. 5270T-010. A unique piece created by Patek based on their perpetual calendar featuring the implementation of a titanium case with a bright and luxurious emerald green dial. Let me repeat that—a Patek perpetual calendar with a titanium case and an emerald green dial. I don’t think I need to explain why that’s a unique combination, but I will because I love talking about it.

Apart from the uniquely coloured dial, very few Patek watches have been crafted in titanium. The 5270T-010 is a variation of the 5270 but the first in this model to feature a titanium case. When they have used titanium, it’s been for select variations of existing Patek models (5004 and 5208T-010) and auctions only. The 5270T-010 is being sold off at auction to support Children Action. A charity established by Swiss entrepreneur Bernard Sabrier to help brighten the lives of children struggling in poverty-stricken countries.

So let’s go over this again—a Patek Philippe unique piece based on the already stunning Ref. 5270 with a rare titanium case and a bright green dial with auction proceeds are going towards helping children worldwide. I love this watch so much, and its rarity will come with a hefty price tag; therefore, more goes to helping children who need it. I see this as an absolute win for everyone involved. The Children Action charity will be held in Geneva on November 7th, 2022. To learn more about this stunning unique piece, click the link below.

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