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A vintage sports watch revisited. The Tissot PRX 40 205.

I’m sure you’ve noticed over the last few years that many watch brands have been going through their archives, unearthing timepieces lost to time (pun intended) to bring a dose of nostalgia and revisit an era of genuinely great watch-making. The brand that has knocked that out of the park is Tissot, which re-released their 1978 classic, the PRX. While a mechanical model is available, I’m focused on the quartz version graciously sent by Canada Watch House.

Tissot had developed a stainless steel sports watch with an integrated case and bracelet design which would remain a timeless style. PR stands for precise & robust, and the X is the Roman numeral for ten, meaning 10 atmospheres or 100m of water resistance. Today, the PRX 40 205 harkens to the original design with no revisions or changes.

Right from the first look, I could tell this was going to be spectacular. As anyone would expect, opening the box and seeing the glint of the PRX in its full stainless steel glory was fantastic. Just holding the PRX demonstrated its craftsmanship and finishing detail, and there is still a very luxurious heft considering the watch is lighter since a quartz movement powers it. Once I sized the bracelet, I further appreciated how special this re-issue was. It sat on my wrist as if it were meant to be there.

The wearing experience is a whole different level. The PRX feels streamlined and sleek, as a sports watch should. The bracelet hugs the wrist perfectly, and the shape and width of the case make for a seamless wearing experience. The overall weight reminds you that the watch is there, but the PRX in no way feels clumsy or over cumbersome.

The critical factor of this watch is the pricing. The PRX is a gorgeous watch that looks much more expensive. With the construction, design, functionality, and feel on the wrist, you get a lot of watch for the incredible $475 CAD price tag. The PRX is a realistic and attainable watch for any enthusiast or collector. If you want to check out the PRX for yourself, feel free to check out my friends over at Canada Watch House.

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