A watch inspired by one of the greatest planes ever built. The Whitby Watch Co. Arrow Pilot.

In many watch brands there is a long history that follows the brand and an impressive archive list that can be traced back for decades. This allows for a brand to be recognized for it's permanence and timelessness as well as having special places throughout the history of mankind. However, it's truly special to see when a brand utilizes history from their nations heritage and use it as the inspiration for their timepieces. Today we are taking a look at a beautiful pilots watch from Whitby, Ontario Canada that takes it's inspiration from one of the greatest planes in history, the Avro Arrow CF-105. Let's take a look at the Whitby Watch Co. Arrow Pilot.

The Arrow is a perfect example of a very neat and tidy pilot's watch. With the Arrow available in 2 dial variants, Type A (shown above) and Type B (shown left), you are given the best of both worlds. Type A offers the hours around the outside of the dial while Type B offers the hour markers in the center of the dial with the minutes surrounding the outside. The aesthetics of both pieces are beautiful and give off a similar feel on wrist to a high end luxury pilot manufacturer without the high price tag. The Arrow is slightly larger than average with a 43mm case, but the shorter curved lugs make for a very snug and close fit to the wrist and makes the watch wear smaller than the 43mm specification would imply. The case thickness measuring at an impressively thin 12mm adds something extra to the amazing on wrist feel and pairs greatly with the extremely light and brushed aircraft titanium for the case.

Both dial variations create a very clean and elegant aesthetic that is very readable in any lighting condition. Essentially, if you prefer a cleaner and simpler dial, the Type A dial is for you. If you enjoy having a busier dial, Type B is right up your alley. Both however are your standard, three hand, time only watches which is, in my opinion, greatly appreciated due to so many microbrand watches having a date complication. I am personally in the camp of not having a date on a watch to clean it up and make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Powering the Arrow is none other than the ever reliable Seiko Automatic Caliber NH35A which is one of my personal favourite movements due to it's accuracy, ruggedness and it's 41 hour power reserve making this piece wearable for a couple of days before having to wind it. Over the dial is a beautiful anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal which means scratches on the crystal will be very minimal due to the fact that a sapphire is used instead of a mineral or hardlex material. From a specs perspective, this is a very reliable timepiece that will last a lifetime and with proper care could very well be passed down for generations.

The Arrow pilot is a beautiful watch that wears amazing on wrist, is aesthetically beautiful in both Type A and Type B dial variations and has amazing inspiration from Canadian aviation history in the Avro Arrow CF-105 aircraft. This piece is one of the most comfortable and wearable watches I've had the pleasure of reviewing and you won't be disappointed if you pick one of these up. Elegant, clean, reliable movement, light weight, uses unique case materials, extremely comfortable and durable leather strap and has an amazing and somewhat legendary inspiration, what more could you want? Thank you for reading my review of the Whitby Watch Co. Arrow Pilot.