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A watch inspired by vintage speed and adrenaline. The Dan Henry 1972 Chrono Alarm

Dan Henry: "In 1972, the oceans and space had already been conquered and were no longer novelties. It was a time for breaking records on earth.

Cars and motorcycles were getting faster, and supersonic flights were more accessible; the Concorde generation was born."

The wrist watch has such a large part in the history of mankind from so many aspects, but they primarily stick out in with aviation, space exploration and motorsport. From the 'Sigma 7' mission of the Mercury Programme in 1962 and vintage motorsports to modern space exploration and modern day racing series, timepieces have always been a major part of everything to do with speed and adrenaline. Today, we are looking at a timepiece inspired by the Porsche Design Orfina which was found on the wrist of many adrenaline junkies, notably 1978 Formula One world champion, Mario Andretti. Let's take a look at the Dan Henry Vintage Timepieces "1972" Chrono Alarm.

From my last article about Dan's watches, it's no question that the 1972 chrono alarm is a beautiful and accurate representation of a gorgeous vintage sports watch that has quite an extensive tie in with motorsport due to it's design history with Porsche and the watch being seen on none other than Formula One world champion, Mario Andretti and various drivers in all top forms of motorsport. The DH 1972's vintage precursor can also be seen in on the wrist of Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun which just proves this pieces history in everything adrenaline filled or action packed (movies or reality).

The 1972 Chrono Alarm is a timepiece that exudes aggression, speed and precision, but has a sleek and stealth aesthetic that blends so well to create a gorgeously aggressive timepiece. With the watch fitting into so many collective themes (space, aviation, motorsport), it hits home for many collectors and being based off a well known vintage watch brings nostalgia back to the days of new space exploration programs and the early days of Formula One. The DH 1972 is a unique piece that breaks away from the typical sports watch and brings a vintage, yet new look back into the sports watch category that shouldn't have left in my opinion. This watch encapsulates a time when humanity was so creative and curious, building faster cars, faster planes, faster rockets to travel further and further outside of our atmosphere and brings us back to a time when no one dictated what was a good or bad idea, design or investment. People took on challenges, had no limitations with design or what was deemed "logical" and people created things that were out of this world. A time when engineers were technically artists and wanted to make things just because they could. This watch is a perfect example of all of that.

"The large, high-contrast dial and minimalist design of the Dan Henry 1972 Chrono Alarm are the keys to the high readability of its complex features and eight hands.

The movement features an array of complications: an alarm, and chronograph that can measure up to 12-hours, and intervals of 1/10 second measurements.

Engraved on the back is the profile of the Ducati 750 Imola Desmo motorcycle – a tribute to a racing machine that defined speed with elegance in the 1970s.

The 41mm stainless steel case of the 1972 in available in your choice of matte or black PVD. With its sapphire crystal, the 1972 Chrono Alarm is the ultimate tool watch."

The 1972 Chrono Alarm is a spectacle of a timepiece in it's own right. The watch comes equipped with a 41mm stainless steel case and bracelet, but has a gorgeous black PVD coating on both the case and bracelet to add an additional level of elegance with stealth and aggression. Flipping the watch over, we are presented with a screw down case back featuring an embossed image of the Ducati Imola Desmo motorcycle, adding to my previous statements that this piece is dedicated to all things high-speed. The dial is matte black with vintage creme accents paired with a bright red tachymeter hand. The contrasting colours are key in order to create a very readable dial which is needed due to the fact this piece has 8 hands on the dial. Over the dial is a gorgeous piece of Mohs flat sapphire crystal that has plenty of anti-reflective coating to ensure the watch is readable in all lighting conditions. Powering the 1972 is the ever reliable Miyota 0S80 quartz movement. This movement features a plethora of complications: an alarm, a chronograph measuring up to 12 hours and can measure intervals of 1/10 of a second, perfect for taking to the track for qualifying.

The 1972 Chrono Alarm is one of the most beautiful homage pieces ever made and is a prime example of an homage done right. This watch is a fantastic tribute to one of the most iconic sports watches ever made and shows that timeless design and styling will always carry on in future products for generations to come. Click the link below and head over to Dan Henry Vintage Watches and check out the 1972 Chrono Alarm for yourself.

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