A wearable piece of 1970's Soviet era industrialism - The Vostok Komandirskie 650541

Vostok is noted as one of the best bang for your buck mechanical watch brands in the industry. They give a great example of the 1970's Soviet era industrial vibe. However, the Komandirskie is an amazing watch that is sadly overlooked and lives in the shadows of its big brother the Vostok Amphibia. The Komandirskie can be found at a lower price point than its bigger brother and in my honest opinion it's worth paying the lower price point for how much watch you get. Let's dive in (pun absolutely intended) and take a look at the Vostok Komandirskie.

The Komandirskie is an absolutely beautiful dive watch with your typical dive watch functionality, but this piece has some quirks and an overall different aesthetic than most dive watches that makes it very appealing to wear and very appealing to just inspect to get a closer look at the finer details. With it's stainless steel case, black bidirectional rotating bezel, acrylic crystal over the very unique 24 hour dial, screw down case back and crown and 200m of water resistance, this watch was absolutely meant to bring in the water. I have brought this piece swimming and it is an absolute treat to wear in the water and with it's 200m resistance rating I never worried about it in the slightest. The one thing that was noted about this piece was that after swimming the acrylic crystal seemed to get some kind of grime on it or collect some kind of film over it, but that was easily fixed with a proper cleaning.

For $130 (Canadian) this piece is an amazing bang for your buck in terms of a dive watch and this won't break the bank for any collector. What makes this watch so appealing is its uniqueness as well as its price point. For anyone who buys this piece weather it's for swimming or just a casual wearer, its a fantastic watch and overall just an amazing example of how much watch you can make for $130. For that money you receive a fully functioning dive watch, an automatic movement with hand winding capabilities and an overall beautiful watch. What more could you ask for? This piece is great for any person with any sense of nautical love or passion or works just as well as a fantastic desk diver.

The Komandirskie has an amazing on wrist feel with it's 42mm cushion style case, 11.2mm thick case and 20mm strap/bracelet width. There is added thickness to the case due to the bezel ring and the height of the domed acrylic crystal, but it creates an overall sturdiness to the watch that ensures you can wear it with confidence and won't worry about knocking it around. The slightly curved lugs on the case make this watch sit a lot closer to the wrist as well creating an even more comfortable on wrist feel and wearability. The overall aesthetics of this timepiece are a perfect example of 1970's Soviet era industrialism and gives a very unique look with its cushion style case and its 24 hour dial. This watch has its own unique look that pulls itself out of the very similar stylings and aesthetics of most dive watches in the modern watch era and, in a way, creates it's own space and class in the dive watch category. Inside the Komandirskie is the in-house Vostok Caliber 2431 movement that contains 32 jewels, automatic and manual wind capabilities, 40 hour power reserve and this piece keeps amazing time. For the $130 that you spend on a watch, especially on a dive watch, this is an absolutely value packed buy that any collector will love.

For anyone who is looking to get into dive watches, I think it's safe to say why the Vostok Komandirskie is in my top pick for someone looking for their first dive style watch. Vostok has been around for years and has always carried this reputation for very robust and reliable timepieces. In my opinion, if you're looking to start anywhere, the Vostok Komandirskie is the place to start. This piece can be found on Amazon and is shipped directly from Vostok, but if you are looking to order from a Vostok dealer, please check out the link below for the official dealer for Vostok, Meranom watches.