Addiction created due to mechanical whimsey. Why do we collect watches?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

When it comes to watch collecting there is a certain aspect that a vast majority of the population do not understand. The same quotes or assumptions are constantly and consistently made; "Why do you need a watch? You have the time on your phone." "How could you spend so much on something that just tells time?" "Watches just show off how much money you make." In reality, it's so much more than that.

For a person on the outside looking in, watch collecting can come off as a very materialistic and elitist hobby or interest. When it comes to collecting, watches mean so much more than just telling us what time it is. For a vast majority of us they represent a milestone or a memory which creates a level of sentimentality. A timepiece can be a consistent reminder of a special moment when we have a specific watch on wrist. Through the eyes of a collector, a watch can be seen as something so much more beautiful than a materialistic object used to signal wealth or status. Though a technically inanimate object being a carrier of such emotion seems completely arbitrary, it is very beautiful to be able to own something that is a physical representation of a memory or great moment in ones life.

If a person takes the time to see how a timepiece is constructed (for example the 6542 GMT Master above), what makes it function, the care taken with build material choices, the beauty of each movement giving life to the watch, there is a clear understanding as to why watches are such an addiction and true art forms. Each piece is carefully manufactured, the components are hand chosen and put together with an excellent attention to detail to ensure that the watch is working to its full potential and there is a level of love and care that goes into these pieces which makes each timepiece special. With the collector or owner of a timepiece putting their own emotional or sentimental value into the watch, there is already sentimentality being put into the piece from a perspective of the creators. The men and women that build the watch are the beginning of a timepieces life and put a great amount of love and care into making the concept or ideation of a watch a reality.

The most amazing part about being a collector is the community. There are so many people that all share this amazing passion and enjoy talking about watch related topics as well as other passions that coincide with the love of mechanical creation or other art forms. There is a certain joy that is shown when talking about watches and when you find someone that shares the same emotion and excitement for collecting, the passion grows. It doesn't matter how much your piece costs, what's on your wrist, how you wear them, wear all your pieces with pride and have fun. When people ask why we collect watches, why we obsess about watches, long story short, they're absolutely beautiful. Plain and simple.