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All flash, no substance. The Tudor Black Bay Ceramic Master Chronometer.

Okay, yes, the headline may be a little staggering considering the watch that we’re discussing today, but I couldn’t help myself when I noticed that the last couple of releases Tudor have made have been questionable to say the least. A 41mm piece with a fully ceramic case and bezel, sounds cool, but why?

When the name Tudor comes up I immediately think “The fun Rolex” due to the fact that Tudor seems to have a bit more creative freedom and can basically do whatever they want, as well as being the sister company to Rolex. The Black Bay Ceramic which was released a a week or so ago was a release that no one was really expecting and again a release that no one was really asking for. Tudor has always been a brand to test the limits with material choices and while an all ceramic watch does show their technical ability as a brand, this piece should have been a limited release and not a production run. The Black Bay Ceramic has a slight gimmicky feel to it and it comes off to me as a novelty. It will spark conversation, absolutely, but I think this one may be overlooked.

Looking at the BB Ceramic from a specs perspective, it's a great, but nothing really special from their usual line other than the case and bezel material change. However, specs aren’t the only thing that matters when it comes to a watch. The overall aesthetics of the BB Ceramic are very plain and even have a look like they are somewhat unfinished. Looking at the case back, you're greeted with a stunning sapphire crystal open case back featuring the all black Caliber MT5602-IU movement which has a METAS certification. A METAS certification means that a movement in a watch must meet Swiss COSC testing standards along with various other tests including water resistance, power reserve and resistance to magnetic fields. With the METAS certification, this becomes a Master Chronometer, the best movement certification and title in the industry. For me, a watch needs to have more substance other than a use of unique case materials and a new movement to get my attention and make me want to put my money down. The BB Ceramic is very creative and unique, but it doesn't necessarily impress me.

From an overall specs perspective, movement choice and characteristics seem very unique and technically impressive on paper, but it doesn’t have that “wow” factor. While this isn’t the first Black Bay Ceramic to exist, a piece unique Black Bay Ceramic was created in 2019 for the Only Watch benefit auction and was sold for a MASSIVE CHF350,000 or $470,000 Canadian, it just doesn’t do it for me at all. Yes, technical ability and movement are outstanding, but this just isn’t one that hit my radar in a positive light. There are many other options in the price range of the BB Ceramic that are, in my opinion, substantially more exciting to me.

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