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Back to the Batcave! Revisiting the Parnis GMT31 "Batman"

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

One of the first reviews I ever wrote was the Parnis GMT31 "Batman" which, in all honesty, was a little bit hard to go back and read seeing as I had little to no clue as to what I was doing or how to write a watch review. Back in 2019, my dad gave the GMT to me as a Christmas gift as I gifted him with a white dial Citizen. The watch felt luxurious, looked absolutely amazing, perfect weight and the jubilee bracelet is an absolute pleasure to wear on wrist. In saying that, this is the NEW Parnis GMT31 "Batman" review.

Due to negative mindsets and talk around homage pieces many people overlook them or don't show off the pieces that they own due to the fear of being criticized for wearing an homage or tribute timepiece. There is no horological rule that states you need to spend an absolute fortune on a gorgeous GMT or any watch for that matter. The GMT31 "Batman" (Shown left. Photo credits: Harvind Ganase from the Wrist Watching YouTube channel) is an absolutely gorgeous watch which pays obvious homage to the Rolex GMT 126710 BLNR or "Batman" due to its black and blue colour scheme on the bezel. The GMT31 also shares the always comfortable jubilee style bracelet. The prices for a Rolex GMT are completely astronomical and owning one is unrealistic for most, but the GMT31 is a taste of how it would feel to put on one of the gorgeous high end luxury equivalents. On top of the high cost and premiums that collectors pay to own a Rolex "Batman", the waiting time to get one (if you can afford one) is completely insane. It would take months if not years to get your hands on it. However, you can go online right now and purchase a GMT31 and it will be at your door in a couple weeks in its ever beautiful stainless steel, automatic glory.

When I first put the watch on, I immediately noticed the luxurious heft and it's extremely rugged, yet inviting, feel on wrist. The $100 price tag seems unbelievable for how much watch Parnis was able to pack into this piece. For the money, you are given a 40mm 316L stainless steel case and 316L jubilee bracelet, screw down crown (water resistance is only 50m), 120 click unidirectional rotating bezel, ceramic bezel insert, sapphire crystal over the dial, applied indices and an automatic GMT movement. That is a whole lot of spec for $100. The strange thing about this piece is the automatic GMT movement inside. After doing a vast amount of research I was able to figure out that the movement is a Miyota based (not an actual Miyota movement) Caliber DG 3804-B GMT movement. The movement is made in China which is surprisingly accurate, consistent and has an impressive 45-hour power reserve. A vast majority of made in China timepieces are becoming more and more available to mass markets and are improving their quality greatly with time. The Parnis GMT31 is a perfect example of this evolution in watches creating a gorgeous timepiece at an unbelievable price. The blue GMT hand is a nice touch to match the blue on the bezel, but

part of me wants an orange hand to create that contrast and pop off the dial.

Overall, it may be said that you shouldn't waste your time in buying an homage piece and just save for the real deal, but there is so much more to it than that. This is a fully automatic GMT watch with high quality components and feels absolutely amazing on wrist for $100. The amount of watch you are able to get at a realistic budget brings excitement back into watches and opens up a bigger world for those who want to get into mechanical, but don't have the massive budget to afford to do so. The Parnis GMT31 is one of the most enjoyable watches I have had the pleasure of owning/wearing and I highly recommend it to serious colletors, new collectors or someone who just wants a very nice mechanical watch. Thank you for your time and until the next one, cheers.

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