Breaking away from tradition and making their own path. The Peren NERA ROGUE.

I reached out to Peren watches to discuss possibly reviewing one of their timepieces, as a watch writer does. Unprepared for a response, let alone the timepiece I was allowed to write about, this is a special one. Today we take a look at the Peren Nera Rogue diver.

Peren owner, Andy Bica-Popi, is producing the newest model, the Nera Rogue. Why is it special? Two reasons. The first being the Nera Rogue took inspiration from a horological legend, the Tornek-Rayville TR-900. One of the rarest dive watches originating from the 1960s for the US Navy Seals Experimental Diving Unit. It was limited to only 1000 pieces, 30 known to exist today. The second is the name. Nera originates from the Devil's Lake located in the Nera gorges in Transylvania. Even though I said two reasons, I left out a third. Rogue; behaving in ways that aren't expected or normal. Rogue is a perfect word to describe this watch with its unique design, back story and overall aesthetic.

While the Nera Rogue may be inspired by the TR-900 (pictured left), it is a modern take on a truly gorgeous piece of horological history. What makes this watch stand out is its ability to bring a vintage, skin diver aesthetic into a modern and contemporary space with subtle differences and beautiful overall execution of more modern material choices. So many brands have made the mistake of taking inspiration from watches of the past and attempting a rendition with modern trends and end up making something that doesn't work or just doesn't give the proper dose of nostalgia. Andy and his team have done the complete opposite by taking inspiration from another piece and doing it justice by keeping its roots intact while creating their version with their design language.

The watch sticks to modern and rugged material choices by sporting a 39mm three-tone 316L stainless steel case with a gorgeous black PVD, conical bezel surrounding the chapter ring and dial. The Nera blue/green dial with embossed indices creates a nice colour contrast to the watch and gives a lot of pop to the black and silver colour scheme. BGW9 Superluminova coats the indices as well as the sword hands. Powering this piece is none other than the Swiss automatic Sellita SW200 which is in-house regulated and has a power reserve of 38 hours. Having a gorgeous timepiece created by a brand keeping every aspect of its inspiration intact while keeping it fresh and unique is extremely difficult to come across, but Peren has done just that.

Overall the Nera Rogue is a beautiful watch with fantastic inspiration and design language with fantastic material choices and a great movement choice in the Sallita. This is so much watch for the money (recommended 412CHF) and a watch that would make any collector happy and smile every time they looked down at their wrist. The Nera Rogue is in production and ready to be reserved at