Brooklyn designed and one of a kind. The Carpenter Watches M1B Brooklyn Field watch.

Watches that have a history behind them or have the ability to captivate with visual storytelling through their design language is always something that I look for when shopping for a watch. Timepieces that can take you back to an era or place that we will never see due to the concept of time, but also the fact that time travel is non-existent. These watches create nostalgia and open our minds to past worlds and bring us back to a time when design and fashion began to grow and thrive. Today I was given the amazing opportunity to review a piece from a Brooklyn based company that is bringing the past into the present with their modern-vintage take on watch making. Today let's look at the Carpenter Watches M1B Brooklyn Field Watch.

Carpenter Watches are an amazing example of visual storytelling through design language, specifically the M1B Brooklyn Field watch. A timepiece that borrows some aesthetic stylings from vintage timepieces, offering an old-school New York City vibe with its elegant, timeless aesthetic, yet brings it to a new and modern forefront with certain design choices that are spectacular to look at on and off the wrist.

To say this watch put a smile on my face is a complete understatement. From it’s intriguing unboxing experience to the absolutely gorgeous timepiece inside the packaging, every aspect of this piece feels perfectly executed right off the bat. The watch is a truly gorgeous example of a microbrand bringing a new level of creativity through their own unique take on a modern-vintage timepiece. In fact, the aesthetics are similar to watches from the 1950’s and 1960’s, but there are some Bauhaus design choices with this piece as well (In my personal opinion). With it's vintage look and modern material choices this is a watch that will stand the test of time and age absolutely beautifully and gracefully. The M1B's 40mm 316L stainless steel case measures in at a 13.7mm thick. Yes, a little thicker in comparison to the "standard" watch case, but the longer, curved lugs ensure a tighter fit to the wrist which essentially makes the watch wear much thinner than the spec sheet implies. The cream dial absolutely pops with its contrasting black minute and hour markers and is both a combination of American vintage and Bauhaus elements creating this satisfying and elegant dial that is very readable in any lighting conditions. Over the dial is a beautiful piece of double domed sapphire crystal and flipping the watch to the back shows another piece of sapphire crystal over the display case back, showing the Miyota 821A powering the watch.

When wearing this piece, I noticed I was taking the time to look at my wrist much more than usual, not to look at the time, but to observe the beautiful simplicity and elegance of the timepiece that was sitting on my wrist. Wearing this piece genuinely feels like wearing a time capsule and brings you to an era of vintage New York City and beautiful vintage cars. This watch in every aspect is an absolute joy. From its beautiful dial and gorgeous finishing to its amazing feel on wrist and how it made me feel when wearing it. I would recommend this piece to anyone who is looking for a homerun, high quality watch for an amazing price.

Overall, this watch is something truly stunning, unique and produced in limited numbers making each run of Carpenter watches much more special. If you are in search of a dose of nostalgia, a watch from a brand that is truly innovating the watch world with modern watches and classic styling, or you just want a gorgeous timepiece that will be timeless for years to come due to it's elegant and clean design, the Carpenter Watches MB1 Brooklyn Field Watch is an amazing choice. Click the link below to check this piece out for yourself