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Canadian Brand, Swiss Made Diving Excellence - The Zenea ULA Diver

Meeting such amazing people in the watch collecting/enthusiast community is a blessing, and I'm beyond grateful for the friends I've made along the way. Not only have I made friends with other collectors and those who share a like mind in this niche passion, but also people who take the time to pour their heart and soul into creating watches themselves.

Appreciate Every Moment; it’s more than just a tag line for the ZENEA Brand, it’s how we choose to approach our business and personal lives. As our lives race by and days and weeks blur together, a ZENEA timepiece reminds us to pause and appreciate every moment. We tend to think of the passage of time in terms of days, months, years and big occasions that we experience, taking a moment to appreciate the ordinary, such as a conversation with a good friend or loved one, sharing a great meal or joining someone in laughter is what truly connects us all. - Zenea Watches

A few weeks back, I spoke with the owner of Zenea, Jason Hutton, about doing some photos and an article about the ULA Diver. We had planned to meet, but I woke up that morning feeling unwell and had to postpone. The following message from Jason stated that he was more than happy to drop the watches off at my home for me to check out. The brand owner is willing to make a drive to drop the watch off for me to check out; that's not something you hear every day. Of course, Jason showed up, bag in hand with two watch boxes and a brief but great conversation about watches, one of which we'll have to finish.

I ran upstairs with the bag in my hand, gently placed it on the couch and pulled out two bright red boxes. Lifting the lid, I was presented with two gorgeous piano wood watch boxes with the gold Zenea logo. It took me a minute to get past the boxes due to the high gloss goodness and finishing, but after a few minutes, I finally opened them to see the beautiful yellow and white dial divers.

The ULA sat perfectly and felt great on the wrist. Its flat case back, curved lugs, and case diameter create a snug and seamless wearing experience. The bracelet felt silky smooth, and its slight taper added to the comfort. While dive-styled watches seem to be a hot commodity, the ULA takes a different approach than most micro-brand divers. This watch truly has the diver in mind. Its 41mm stainless steel case, 300m of water resistance, and stainless steel bracelet with divers adjusting clasp make it a rugged, reliable and gorgeous watch in and out of the lakes and oceans.

The Ocean Hornet Yellow and Snowcap Classic White dial feature a date window at 3 o'clock, numerals at 12 and 6, and long and trapezoidal indices. All of which have a high polish stainless steel accent for high legibility in any lighting condition. To add to the extreme reliability, the heart of the ULA is a Swiss-made classic, the ETA 2824 automatic.

Having the ULA on my wrist was a pleasure and a fantastic opportunity to check out a reasonably local brand. The team at Zenea has created a tremendous dive watch that shares similarities to other dive watches. Still, it breaks away from the traditional aesthetic to develop its design language in an already saturated style and space. Thanks again to Jason for taking the time to bring me these beauties and allowing me to check out what makes Zenea so unique.

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