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For when the goin' gets tough - The VERO Workhorse

I’m a person that uses watches to their full potential. I get them scratched up and dirty and use them as tools. Recently, many “tool” watches have been released but cater to more casual wearers. That is until I discovered VERO. A brand designing watches “made for every moment,” and that's true from what I’ve seen so far. Their debut timepieces, the Open Water series, showed the design language and creativity that VERO could achieve, thus creating their unique take on a dive/tool watch. Now, VERO has taken it a whole step further.

VERO, as of yesterday, unveiled their new tool watch, the VERO Workhorse. Available in 2 colours, Backcountry (Olive Drab) and Canyon (Khaki), the Workhorse is meant to take anything you throw at it and is built as the ultimate tactical/tool watch. From a first look, you can genuinely see how rugged and robust the Workhorse is, but what are the specs?

The specs show that this watch can take anything you throw at it as you'd expect. A 44.5mm ceramic coated stainless steel case, AR-coated sapphire crystal and 20 mm velcro strap are three reasons this watch is theoretically indestructible in any or all conditions. The Miyota 6S21 quartz movement powers the watch, meaning you don’t want to worry about a mechanical watch running out of power reserve.

Additional specs include; protective rubberized steel bullheads to protect the dial, left-handed crown and chrono pushers, an inner rotating bezel for timing purposes and 120m of water resistance, so you don’t have to worry about getting this watch wet.

This is a fantastic watch for the outdoorsman, adventurer or even those who prefer home comfort and just like a watch that they don’t have to worry about maintaining. The Workhorse is available now through

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