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Good evening, 007. Bring out your inner spy with the Hamilton PSR.

Watches are a way to convey the emotion or theme of a film or the character's personality. Since being in the watch collecting hobby, I constantly watch TV or a movie, trying to figure out what the actor or actress is wearing on their wrist. Some watches are a hit, some are a miss, and then there are some that we ignore, but other brands will unearth it down the road to create something truly outstanding.

There are many watches and brands associated with iconic characters and movies; the Seiko Giugiaro or “Ripley” for being on the wrist of Sigourney Weaver in “Alien, the “Paul Newman” Daytona 6263 featured on the wrist of Paul Newman during “Winning,” and James Bond with Omega. In the 1973 Bond film, “Live and Let Die,” an Omega isn’t the only watch featured on the wrist of Roger Moore.

The opening scene shows Mr. Bond winding a watch with a round and futuristic one on his wrist—a Hamilton-Pulsar P2 2900. There is a knock on the door, and James presses the button on his watch to light up the bright red LCD numerals, reading 5:48 am. Thanks to Canada Watch House, I had the opportunity to check out the blacked-out, modern re-issue, the PSR by Hamilton.

The PSR has been my grail since its release in 2020, and seeing the black version (2022) won my heart; lifting the lid on the Hamilton branded box and seeing that black case, bracelet and the LCD screen was fantastic. While it was express shipped to my house, it was the longest and most impatient two days I’ve ever experienced, waiting for this stainless steel slab of a watch. Having the PSR in my hand and inspecting the futuristic beauty was a dream come true, and it looks even more beautiful in person.

Many people in the collecting and enthusiast space have a negative mindset towards digital or quartz watches. While the PSR is, technically, a digital watch, it wears and feels completely different from a typical stainless steel digital watch. With its flat case back, 40mm case and 22mm lug width, the PSR sits perfectly on the wrist and has an almost "seamless" feel. These dimensions paired with the oblong, oval case make for a unique wearing experience, but not a "strange" wearing experience. The PSR feels highly balanced, and knowing its lineage in a legendary film, you can't help feeling like a spy. While trying this out, I noticed my attire was mainly black, and the watch may have influenced that slightly.

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