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Modest, under the radar and brand you NEED to know about. Dan Henry Vintage Watches.

In the world of Microbrand timepieces many brands put a lot of time and effort into marketing their product through time and money in paid advertising, sending pieces to reviewers to get their opinions and many other things that help microbrands grow. However, for some players in the space, they create such gorgeous and stunning pieces that simple hear-say is enough to get the wheels off the ground. This allows for a brand to focus more organically and put the money they've saved from marketing and put it back into their products to refine and make their most perfect version of their horological vision possible. Dan Henry Vintage Watches is a perfect example of that. They create stunning timepieces with styles that cater to all your vintage wants and desires. You will never see an advertisement for Dan's timepieces, but the people who own them or create videos about them have nothing but positive things to say about the fine pieces he creates. In fact, Dan personally informed me that all of the reviews that you see online are from owners of his watches, not from a paid review or from sending pieces to review channels/blogs. That speaks volumes. Today I have the absolute pleasure to tell you why you should be checking out Dan Henry Vintage Watches.

Just from the picture above you can see the gorgeous vintage styling of Dan's timepieces and right off the bat you are able to tell the vintage watches that inspired the designs for his watches. Due to the wide selection I am choosing the DH 1962 Racing Chronograph to focus on today (shown below).

Dan Henry: "I envisioned the 1962 Racing Chronograph to have the classic lines of the great complex chronographs, with an external bezel to show an immediate reading of speed, while the three subdials display the essential information for timing: elapsed time, minutes, and hours. This concept was created for the punishing conditions of the race track, but became so successful that astronauts used them in the extremes of space."

We're going to stick with the panda dial version of the 1962 today because it's my personal favourite for a multitude of reasons. The 1962 is the very essence of the timepieces worn by the absolutely insane, no-nonsense racing drivers of the 1960's and 1970's. Men who would reach unfathomable speeds in cars that were barely able to withstand the brute force from the engine and the sheer power of the man behind the wheel throwing the car through corners, along with the technical and dangerous race tracks like the Nordschlife and Spa Francochamps. Due to the success these timepieces had at the race track, they became extremely useful in space exploration and became a staple of timepieces worn by astronauts and space programs. The 1962 is an absolutely gorgeous timepiece with a subtle homage to the Paul Newman Daytona ref. 6263 with its overall aesthetics with the dual pump pushers and the panda dial (white dial with black subdials) as well as vintage Omega Speedmasters.

The 1962 is 39mm in diameter, the traditional size of vintage racing chronographs. The meca-quartz movement we use combines the accuracy of quartz with the crisp feel and performance of a mechanical chronograph. The faceted, screw-in case back is engraved with the profile of the groundbreaking Maserati Tipo 60 “Birdcage” sports car, along with your individual serial number from the 1,962 pieces in this edition."

The amount of watch that you're getting for the price is amazing ($270 USD). The 1962 has a 39mm 316L stainless steel case, screw down case back with a beautiful embossed Maserati Tipo 60 race car, matte white dial with beautiful contrasting black sub dials, K1 double domed anti-reflective treated mineral crystal and a beautiful French leather easy release strap. Powering the watch is the always reliable Seiko VK63 meca-quartz movement which allows for a smooth sweeping tachymeter hand and a ticking seconds hand at the 6 o'clock sub dial offering a feeling of both mechanical and quartz components together. A best of both worlds you could say. The watch is also available in no-date and date window options and has a custom serial number marking each watch individually out of its 1962 piece run making each piece unique and quite rare.

Dan Henry makes some of absolutely stunning modern iterations of vintage and classically styled timepieces. There is something for everyone in Dan's collections even if you aren't that big into vintage, you will find something you love. I highly recommend you check out his watches for yourself. They are truly captivating and stunning. Click the link below for more information.

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