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"Out with the new, in with the old." The Canadian vintage watch store, Toronto Vintage Watches

I can't speak for everyone when it comes to their taste in watch collecting/collecting things, but at some point, we all seem to enter the realm of vintage one way or another. The problem with vintage watch collecting, especially from a "budget" perspective is that finding beautiful and great condition watches is an almost daunting and very difficult task. I have been speaking with a local Canadian store that takes away all the guesswork when trying to find a vintage watch and they have some of the most beautiful examples I've seen available in the budget-friendly space. Let's talk about Toronto Vintage Watches.

In watches, it's always easy to go out, go to a store and find that shiny, brand new watch that you've been looking at online or through a shop window. When it comes to vintage watches, a beautiful example is beyond difficult to find without having issues or needing some kind of service or adjustment. I often compare vintage watch collecting to vintage car collecting. A more expensive hobby, but both are comparable. In a way, there is always beautiful and ready to drive cars, you just need to know where to go to get said vehicle. In watches, there are always beautiful and ready to wear vintage timepieces, but you just need to know where to go.

If you're in the camp of finding a gorgeous vintage watch for your collection, I have the answer for you. Toronto Vintage Watches is an online watch store that was created by 2 friends who are also collectors and enthusiasts of everything to do with vintage watches. Their main speciality is vintage Seiko timepieces, but from time to time they offer vintage watches from various other brands (Breitling, Hamilton, Tissot, Bulova, Citizen), so there is always something for everyone. Toronto Vintage Watches offers the best service from 2 truly passionate collectors, so you know everything that is curated is some top tier stuff. Each timepiece bought also includes free shipping (globally) and has a 2-month mechanical warranty with each purchase.

What else can I say about them? 2 gentlemen that are involved in the horological world with their own senses and love of watch collecting and dedication that want to bring the best quality vintage watches to the forefront. If that doesn't speak for itself, I don't know what can. If you want to find your next vintage beauty, check out Toronto Vintage Watches by clicking their name or checking

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