Personable & Promising. The Pantor Nautilus.

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Pantor is a brand brought up in budget watch collecting circles as a fantastic bang for your buck 200m diver. Often referred to as one of the best watches to buy on a budget in both quartz and automatic movement categories, but what makes these watches so special? I took a look at a beautiful 45mm dive watch with some design influence with its cushion styled case from an absolute classic, the Seiko Tuna. Let's dive in and take a look at the Pantor Nautilus.

Budget collecting has grown over the last couple of years due to the realization that you don't need to spend a fortune to obtain a beautiful and well-crafted watch. Many collectors and buyers are still sceptical about buying budget-friendly timepieces because of their return value if said collector or buyer wanted to sell or exchange for something more expensive. The Pantor Nautilus is a fine example of a cost-effective timepiece that looks and feels outstanding on the wrist and looks much more expensive than its $209 price tag would dictate. The Nautilus has fantastic weight and balance with its 316L stainless steel case and bezel paired with a comfortable soft-touch rubber strap. The material choices pair well since this is a diver and is taken in water or put to work.

This watch has some impressive specs for the price. A 45mm 316L stainless steel case, 120 clicks uni-directional rotating bezel, sapphire crystal protecting the beautiful black dial, screw-down crown, printed indices coated with Swiss C1 Superluminova, sword style minute and hour hands, screw-down case back, rubber strap and a comfortable 200 meters of water resistance. It's a large watch comparing to current trends and standards, but it doesn't feel that large at all. It just feels right. The wider lug width at 22mm allows for a wider strap which creates balance with the wider case size. The watch feels robust and aggressive without feeling cumbersome or clumsy.

The most impressive spec is the movement choice for the price. Powering the Nautilus is a Swiss-made quartz movement. I believe it to be a Ronda movement, but I couldn't remove the case back without the proper equipment. Nevertheless, a Swiss-made movement in a watch that is $209 is beyond impressive. The specs for the price with the wearability and aesthetics make this a top-tier bang for your buck watch.

Do I recommend this watch? Absolutely. Has this watch become my daily wear? Yes. The Pantor Nautilus has quickly become one of my personal favourites and will forever be on my recommended list. If you're interested in a Pantor for yourself, click the link below. They have many quartz-powered and NH35 powered automatic watches available.

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