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Someone call THE ELECTRICIANZ - MokaZ

What better combination than coffee and watches? Well, how about a coffee-themed watch? A coffee-themed watch that brought back memories of my childhood and why I love tech. Thanks to the good folks over at Canada Watch House, I had the opportunity to check out a watch that brought me back to the days of my transparent purple Gameboy Color, the simpler times of when I was younger, and my naive curiosity. The watch I’m talking about is from THE ELECTRICIANZ and their MokaZ.

I’ll be honest, when I first pulled out the MokaZ, I noticed it was an oversized watch at 45mm, and it did intimidate me since my ideal watch size is 38-40mm. Nonetheless, I put the watch on my wrist, which fit perfectly. The flat case back and lugs allowed sit very comfortably and hug the wrist, which was a surprise since it can sometimes make the watch feel cumbersome, but not the case with the MokaZ.

The design of the watch is captivating and reignited my inner child. I know that’s a bit strange to say about a wristwatch, but hear me out. Growing up, I was obsessed with the transparent purple Gameboy Color because you could see the internals of the small handheld console. That led me down the path to eventually buy many transparent cased Nintendo products, which got me into tech in the first place. The coolest part about this watch is seeing the internals of the MokaZ, the electric module that powers the LEDs around the dial to make it light up, and the battery and everything connected. The electric module is an in-house patented movement that implements Miyota quartz and mechanical technologies and uses the newest generation of LEDs to make the watch visible in darker lighting conditions.

On top of that, the beautiful coffee colour scheme is stunning. Black and rose gold contrast, making for an elegant and attractive aesthetic that looks great on the wrist. I had this watch in my hands more, looking at the fine details instead of wearing it. The more you pay attention to the little things with the MokaZ, the more you find, and the more interesting this watch becomes.

The MokaZ is a gorgeous watch in a world of its own in terms of style category. You could call it a dress watch, but I feel this piece would be the perfect watch for daily wear when you’re out and about, running errands, visiting friends, and you can dress it up for formal occasions. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on the Electricianz MokaZ.

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