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Takes a lickin' & keeps on tickin' - The Timex Q Reissue

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen Timex dip into their archive and bring back creations from the 50s, 60s, and 70s lost to time and models that we never see the vintage equivalent. Now, don’t get me wrong, a few years ago, you could find vintage Timex Marlins all over the place and still can. The watches I’m talking about were created during the rise of the quartz era, have pulled so much inspiration from popular watches and did a fantastic job. The watch I’m talking about is the Q line from Timex.

The rebirth of Timex has been remarkable to watch. From a brand known for “cheap” watches to now being a heavy hitter with their vintage-styled reissues, Timex is making the right moves time and time again, especially with the reissue of the Timex Q. A 38mm quartz timepiece with vintage aesthetics and looks like some of your favourite vintage divers.

Now, this may be biased due to me wanting this watch for years, and every time I wanted one, there would be some kind of financial discrepancy not allowing me to buy it. Nonetheless, the Timex Q is a watch that has hit the hearts of many collectors, myself included. Pulling out the black Timex box, opening it and seeing a new watch that looks straight out of the 70s is such an incredible feeling and gave me the same sense as a kid at Christmas. Seeing the blueberry bezel and deep blue dial was an aesthetic I knew I would love, and the watch looks 100 times better in person than in the online images.

The case shape is circular with trapezoidal ends, creating a simple yet modern aesthetic that allows it to fit in with more modern watches. The watch wears perfectly due to its flat case back and 38mm diameter, and after a while, it feels like it has always belonged. The wearability of the Timex Q is fantastic, but there is one minor issue that I think everyone will agree with, and that’s the bracelet design.

The Timex Q has a self-adjusting mesh bracelet with rolled/spaced links the same as the original. Still, if you’ve ever worn an older Timex or any watch with a similar bracelet design, you know that your arm hair is about to pay a massive sacrifice. For the first two days, I didn’t notice any issues and thought I was lucky not to fall to the arm hair ripper, but alas, I adjusted the watch on my wrist, and the pain came with it. That hasn’t made me stop wearing the Q. It’s so beautiful, and losing a few arm hairs is a fair price to pay to wear it.

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