The Casio with some luxury flair. The Casio GA-2100-1-A-1.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Casio. One of the most nostalgic brands in the world of horology. Lately we have seen a massive up rise in collectors buying vintage styled Casio watches like the GW5600, F-91W and various others. In August of 2019, Casio released a watch in their G-Shock line that took the internet and the watch world by storm, the Casio GA-2100. Due to the 2100's case shape and bezel showing aesthetic similarities to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak the watch was given the very appropriate nickname, the CasiOak.

It's easy to say that the 2100-1-A-1 is an absolutely gorgeous watch with its very sleek and stealthy matte black aesthetic as well as its very tough and durable feel on wrist. The elegance of the octagonal case shape creates a very industrial and unique aesthetic that hasn't been brought to the forefront in a Casio or any other digital watch. It is a refreshing take for the G-Shock line up since the line mostly consists of rectangular cases or the typical offset circular cases. The unique implementation of both analog and digital technologies in this piece are the best of both worlds which surprisingly doesn't create an odd disconnect or clutter on the dial. Due to the watch using both technologies there is no use for a seconds hand which cleans up the dial leaving only the minute and hour hands visible. The CasiOak is a larger watch with a 45.4mm case diameter, but the case size is balanced out with the curved lugs and case thickness at 11.8mm. The resin case and strap ensure that the watch is super light with the watch tipping the scales at only 51 grams. This watch from a specs perspective is meant for every day use and is built for ruggedness and durability, but due to it's overall beautiful look and after wearing it personally, this is a tough piece to really "beat up" so to speak. This is a watch that I found myself looking at my wrist quite often and taking in it's beauty and the fact that it is so light I forgot I was wearing it sometimes.

The CasiOak has the same functionality as other G-Shocks in terms of backlighting for the dial in dark spaces, stop watch and alarm, but this piece has many functions that are not available on other G-Shocks. This piece has a multiple time-zone function and can be quick set to any main global time-zone by a couple button pushes. The watch will also set the date and day to whatever time-zone that you select which will automatically set the hour and minute hands to the correct time as well as setting the day complication at 9:00. The layout of the watch is very clean and not cluttered at all. With the angled digital clock window between 4:00 and 5:00 a very clean look put in place and doesn't cause any disconnect with the dial design. The dial implementation along with the overall aesthetic of this piece creates a modern futuristic feel which is very satisfying to look at. From a common sense standpoint, having both digital and analog timekeeping on the dial is completely unnecessary, but it looks absolutely amazing. My only issue with the dial on this piece is the matching matte black indices which can make the watch hard to read at a quick glance, but you get used to it after a short amount of time wearing it.

It's safe to say that the CasiOak is my favourite G-Shock of all time and is extremely difficult to take off my wrist so I stop neglecting my other watches. It is such a treat to wear this watch on a daily basis and one that will be forever a part of my collection. Thank you so much for reading my review on the Casio G-Shock GA-2100-1-A-1.