The first mechanical Timex in over 3 decades. The Timex Marlin.

When the name Timex comes up, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The first thing that comes to mind for us is a brand that has over 166 years of heritage and has consistently created timepieces for all occasions. However, Timex has not produced a timepiece with a mechanical movement in over 3 decades due to the boom of the quartz era in the 1980's. In 2017, Timex unveiled the rebirth of mechanical timepieces in their catalogue with a return to classic styling via the Timex Marlin.

The Marlin is a perfect example of a brand returning to its classic roots and doing it the absolute correct way. When it's on wrist you get this sense of being in another era with its 50's styling and aesthetics. The fact that this is the first manual wind Timex in over 3 decades is a complete shock and we question as to why Timex didn't bring the manual wind movement back into their arsenal sooner, but we are beyond happy that they finally did.

With the release of the Marlin, Timex brought a gun to a knife fight. With its $200 price tag, you are getting a classically styled 34mm manual wind dress watch with an absolutely gorgeous silver dial that can be seen from absolutely anywhere. The Marlin is an exact remake of its predecessor from the 1960's which, to us, says a lot. When some brands re-release an older product, there are changes that are made to fit in with certain modern aesthetics and trends, but the Marlin is unapologetically the same as it was back in the day.

This watch has an amazing on wrist feel with its 34mm case size and 10mm thickness. The timepiece as a whole has a very compact size and sits very close on wrist which creates this amazing wearability and comfort that some watches of larger stature can't provide. The Marlin is the perfect dress watch due to its size, but also the gorgeous brushed silver dial absolutely pops and looks gorgeous in any and all lighting situations. The polished silver indexes create an amazing contrast with the brushed silver to create a pure and beautiful dial. The movement inside the watch is manual winding as previously stated, but Timex does not give insight as to the caliber of the movement. It does state that the movement is "Made in China" so we can assume its a Seagull or other manufacturers movement, but for the price tag the movement is extremely reliable, has a very satisfying feel when winding and has no issues with keeping time.

The Marlin is one of the greatest watches ever produced and re-produced by Timex. It's design, aesthetics and price tag all create a very persuasive "must buy" scenario and it is definitely on our list as one of the most beautiful and comfortable watches we have had the pleasure to wear and review. We guarantee you will fall in love with this piece. A $200 price tag won't get you very far in the watch world with very few brands producing great quality and great looking watches for $200, but this is 100% one of the watches that make that list.