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The Hybrid Mechanical Time Display - The Electricianz Hybrid E-Code

I was pleased to check out yet another watch from the fantastic folks at The Electricianz. My most recent review of their MokaZ brought back many memories from my childhood and when I gained my deep passion for all things tech. Thanks to Canada Watch House, I had another watch from The Electricianz on my desk, and I spent a week with it on my wrist. The watch in question is the Hybrid E-Code.

Brands in the past have created watches that feature both analog and digital technology. Still, no one has taken electronics via a PCB and an automatic movement and put them into one watch case. The Hybrid E-Code is the perfect implementation and cross-over between two horological worlds; digital/electronic and mechanical. When pulling the watch out of the box, my first impression was the same as with the MokaZ; rediscovering something incredible made me smile.

By implementing electronic and mechanical technologies, The Electricianz found a way for two worlds to work hand in hand. On top of that, the watch is gorgeous. While it may be a tad large at 43mm with a 51mm lug width, it doesn't wear like a large watch. The lugs are more narrow, creating a thinner and shorter profile and paired with the flat case back, the Hybrid E-Code hugs the wrist and feels excellent. Over the dial is a beautiful piece of vintage-styled domed mineral crystal and a grey felt/calfskin leather strap to finish the aesthetic. Visually, this watch is stunning, but the most intriguing part is the mechanics housed in the stainless steel case.

Why the use of electronics in an automatic watch? The Hybrid E-Code features an in-house electronics module which implements a PCB (printed control board) and a skeletonized micromovement. The PCB is powered by a lithium battery which powers the 5 LEDs surrounding the dial, also known as the Retrograde Seconds counter. These LEDs allow the watch to be seen at night and provide an additional seconds counter since there isn't a seconds hand available. The automatic movement in the Hybrid E-Code is the Miyota 8N24, which features hand-winding and a 42-hour power reserve.

The Hybrid E-Code is a gorgeous watch that implements two remarkable technologies into a small, wearable item. The watch brought back so much wonder and whimsey for me, it's safe to say The Electricianz hit a soft spot with their creations, and I can't wait to see where the brand takes their pieces in the future.

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