The P. Dubé Watch Works, Titan.

Today I have the pleasure to talk about the newest watch from Mr. Pierre Dubé, the Titan. If anything makes me excited, it’s when a new brand comes forward and does something a little different from the rest. In my years as a collector, I often find myself looking in the dark, dusty corners that many other people aren’t looking in, and I enjoy quirky, different and unique timepieces as well. In saying that, I was recently gifted the opportunity to see a watch go from a mere drawing and concept into a fully blossomed horological object. I was able to see a man with a genuine, burning passion for watches create something so special. Memorable as both a product and a milestone in his horological journey.

When I first started speaking with Pierre regarding the Titan, he was excited to show me what he had been working on, but it wasn’t ready to be shown. I sat impatiently for a week, waiting to see what he had been working on and the new creation he had in mind to take things to the next level. When the first concept images came through, I realized he had landed on something unique, beautiful and practical that many people would enjoy.

Pierre has already been in the watch selling space with the P. Dubé tacSAR, a beautiful tool watch with similar aesthetics to the Seiko Turtle. However, his new creation is vastly different and pulls inspiration from multiple sources. The Titan is a watch for everyday wear with a clean, modern case design, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and high legibility. A perfect timepiece for your day-to-day.

The Titan features an octagonal case made from 316L stainless steel and measures 40mm in diameter. The case shape offers a unique look on and off the wrist and sits relatively flat. However, the short, curved lugs allow the watch to sit flat while wrapping the wrist to give it the perfect fit and add additional depth to the overall aesthetics. The case of the Titan is on the thinner side with a 12mm thickness, adding increased comfortability and removing a lot of bulk from the overall design. All the dial variations have a clean and minimal design that is legible in any lighting conditions. Still, they feature C3 lume on the hands and around the dial for easier legibility in darker conditions.

The Titan feels unique on the wrist, with no bulk or feeling of being clumsy or cumbersome. The minimalist and industrial design is stunning, and the overall aesthetics make this the perfect daily wear. The white dial and flat sapphire crystal make this a highly readable watch, and taking fantastic photos is a breeze. The Titan is an excellent watch, especially being the first in-house design by Pierre Dubé, and will turn the heads of new collectors and enthusiasts alike.