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The return of the tradeshow. My top 5 picks from Watches & Wonders 2022.

The tradeshows are back! In 2020, we witnessed the dismantling of the biggest watch show in the world, Basel World. In 2022, we see a resurrection of the wristwatch tradeshow through Watches & Wonders, and everything released this week has been incredible. It’s been challenging to put this list together, but these are my Top 5 choices for watches released at Watches & Wonders 2022.

#5 Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon Year of The Tiger CNY 2022

This gorgeous watch was released as a tribute to the Chinese New Year and represented the New year stunningly. The watch features a 42mm 18-carat red gold case and a hand-engraved haematite dial featuring a stunning waterfall with an 18-carat yellow gold tiger. The aesthetics alone are a big reason this piece is on my list, but powering the watch is the A&S1512 Perpetual Moon movement which features perpetual moon phases and moon phase indicator and a 90-hour power reserve.

#4 Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400

The ProPilot X is the next evolution in Oris’ long line of pilots watches. This watch features a 39mm case, a titanium build construction, the in-house Calibre 400 movement, and a modern-industrial case and bracelet design. Light, rugged, reliable movement, beautiful design language, this watch is one of my top picks from the show.

#3 Ulysse Nardin Freak S

The Freak S is a new, high-tech release from Ulysse Nardin and a fantastic way to flex their watchmaking skills. I know this watch is different from the watches I usually rave about, but hear me out. The sci-fi vibe does so much for my inner Star Wars fan and inner child that it puts the biggest smile on my face. The UN 251 Manufacture Movement is shown on the dial and resembles a space vessel with twin reactors. A highly complex yet stunning example of a mechanical design that Ulysse Nardin knocked out of the park. The intricacy of the watch, and how it awakened a slumbering love for sci-fi within me is why the Freak S is on the list.

#2 Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto

There are two things I love in life: watches and beautiful cars. When brands attempt to put both together, sometimes they feel too gimmicky and more of a novelty, unless you’re Laurent Ferrier and make a gorgeous watch inspired by the curves of a car body. The Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto is a horological representation of automotive beauty put into a wristwatch. With the curves of the case, bezel, the design of the bracelet, as well as the 1970s aesthetic inspiration, this watch is truly gorgeous and one that is unrealistic, but one I would love to own.

#1 Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calbre 185

The Reverso is such an iconic watch, and seeing JLC take it to a modern level with the Hybris Mechanica is fresh air. Having the capability to keep the vintage aesthetic and a nod to the original Reverso while implementing a modern and technical approach is beyond impressive. This piece took six years to develop, and it was six years well spent.

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