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Ultra Thin & Complicated - Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept

Over the years, discussions and interest in watch movements and complications have grown, but the argument that "thinness isn't a complication" often comes up. In my opinion, the thinness of a watch is attributed to its wearability and functionality, making the thinness a complication. We've seen ultra-thin watches produced in the past, but the "new" Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept is the thinnest.

The Altiplano Ultimate Concept isn't new for Piaget since the original was released as strictly a concept/experiment in 2018. At 2mm thin, the 2023 Altiplano will be available for purchase through a series but will also be customizable to the buyer. Piaget can completely customize the watch from the dial to the strap, and the brand states there are over 10,000 possible combinations.

When making a watch this thin, there are expected technical issues, right? The main concern with a slim watch is bending when placed on the wrist. Piaget resolved the issue before it happened by implementing a non-traditional case material, cobalt alloy, to make the case structured and rigid. Measuring 41mm in diameter and 2mm thin, 0.2mm is occupied by the incredibly thin sapphire crystal. The Piaget calibre 900P-UC Ultra-thin mechanical movement brings the Altiplano to life.

Is there such a thing as too thin? While the watch may be out of the question for many, it shows what brands can do with mechanical movements and innovation. Having a watch that can be edited and changed for any collector implies modularity, which could trickle down into other styles and brands.

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