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White dial purity and sophistication that won't break the bank. The Seiko SNKE49.

If you ever want to add elegance or a bit of flair to an outfit, a white dial watch will get you the desired result basically every time. White dial watches are amazing editions to a collection due to the fact that they can go with basically any outfit or style and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. White dial watches always seem to absorb the colour or ambience in the room and it can always look different in certain lighting or room scenarios.

However, when people hear "white dial" they usually think of either a Rolex Explorer, an Oyster Perpetual or the SNKE49's more expensive and aesthetically similar older brother the Grand Seiko SBGX259. Those that were just listed are very beautiful timepieces, but are out of reach for a majority of us due to pricing.

Today we are talking about a very beautiful and elegant white dial timepiece that won't break the bank, looks and feels amazing on wrist, has an automatic movement and is made by a brand that receives a lot of love in the horological world. Let's take a look at the Seiko SNKE49.

The SNKE49 is probably one of the best examples of a beautiful and elegant timepiece that looks more expensive than it actually is. The white dial and stainless steel case contrast along with the silver indices make for a very pure and sterile aesthetic which allows for multiple strap options to work with this watch. In saying that, this piece also can be worn for so many occasions and events that it's truly difficult to not wear it everyday and not neglect other pieces in your collection. Seriously, it was hard to switch to other watches. It is a shock that the SNKE49 hasn't been a more popular timepiece with collectors. It is absolutely gorgeous and is an outstanding bang for your buck.

With its price tag around $150 (Canadian), this is a high quality timepiece that realistically anyone can afford. In my honest opinion, anyone who buys this piece will not be disappointed in the slightest. Not meaning to sound biased, but this is one of the best watches I've had the pleasure of owning and wearing. For the $150 you spend on the watch, you receive an automatic dress or casual watch with a beautiful white dial that makes any outfit pop and a watch that can aesthetically change completely just by changing a strap.

The SNKE49 has an unbelievable on wrist feel with the case diameter sitting in the sweet spot of 39mm with an 11mm case thickness. It's curved lugs allow the watch to sit very tight and contour perfectly to the wrist creating this amazing comfortability and wearability that makes it very difficult to take off and, as I stated earlier, not neglect other pieces in your collection.

Going back to the aesthetics of the watch, there is nothing more to say than it's a truly beautiful watch for the price and gives off the Oyster Perpetual vibe that everyone loves. It's pure aesthetic of white and stainless steel creates a level of elegance, but not enough elegance to make it strictly a dress watch as well as a level classicism that would surprise anyone once they found out the price and that it's a Seiko timepiece. The internal mechanics that give life to the watch is none other than the Seiko Caliber 7S26 automatic movement which can be found in the Seiko SKX line (their line of dive watches). This is a very rugged movement with a 41 hour power reserve and keeps immaculate time. This watch as a whole is fantastic and will not disappoint if you decide to buy one.

The Seiko SNKE49 is a very overlooked watch in the Seiko catalogue. For $150 you get so much class and elegance and an overall, from the aesthetics to the internals, a phenomenal watch that will make any collector smile when they look down at the time. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the review of the Seiko SNKE49.

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