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You have to see it to Bulief it. The Bulief Lozenge Chronograph

Over the last week and a half, I have had the pleasure of wearing and testing the new flagship dress chronograph, the Lozenge, from the fine Dutch brand, Bulief Watch Co. A complete and stunning package that will leave you speechless.

I reached out to the gentlemen of Bulief (Willem and Raymon) 2 or 3 weeks ago to introduce myself and just get to know them a bit better, as I do with everyone who follows me on Instagram. Upon further inspection of their profile, I was greeted with an image of a beautiful stainless steel case and black dial dress chronograph. We talked about it for a couple of days, and before I knew it, there was a package at my front door from the Netherlands, and my excitement quickly grew.

As I opened the package, I saw the beautiful stained wooden box which contained the Lozenge. I knew from here on out I was in for an unboxing experience I’d never had before. As I unlatched the two clasps at the front of the box, I prepared myself to unveil this gorgeous dress chronograph. The lid opened, and the first thing I saw was a charming, handwritten note from Raymon and Willem and the certificate of authenticity. I placed those beside the box to see the black dial beauty sitting inside.

First off, I want to note that the interior finishing of the box is beautiful. An all-black, soft-touch material with the watch in the middle, a fantastic presentation that fits the brand's vibe. I grabbed the Lozenge, removed it from its home, gently removed the plastic and stickers and thoroughly looked at the beautiful watch in my hands.

Upon first inspection, the watch is beautifully put together, every little detail makes you want to look closer and closer, and from a quick first glance, it’s even more beautiful than the pictures do it justice.

The dial is busy for a dress watch; still, being a chronograph, Bulief did everything right to keep the dial clean with only two subdials, the perfect date-window placement at 6 o’clock, and great use of a tachymeter and 24-hour markers. The dial is highly readable while maintaining chronograph functionality paired with the classiness of a clean and elegant dress watch.

Putting the watch on was another experience. Comfortable is an understatement. The Lozenge sits beautifully on the wrist, and its curved lugs give a sense that it’s seated completely flat as if the watch becomes a part of your wrist. With its 38.5mm case and 20mm grey suede strap, this watch feels like something I’ve been missing in my collection for quite some time and has been a companion constantly for the last week.

One of my favourite movements is bringing the watch to life, the Seiko VK64 meca-quartz, allowing for a battery-powered, maintenance-free movement. The cool thing about this watch is the lack of seconds hand. While technically, the VK64 is a quartz movement, the lack of a ticking seconds hand makes you forget the fact that it's a quartz-powered watch, a little feature for those who prefer mechanical watches.

I have been beyond impressed in my time with the Bulief Lozenge. A stunning dress chronograph, elegant and minimal and has so many beautiful details, functionality, and superb wearability. This watch would please many people looking for that dress watch/sports watch the middle ground; you can dress it up or down for any occasion; it just works. Anyone would be proud to have a Bulief Lozenge on their wrist. Thank you for reading, and until next time, cheers.

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